Using Vinegar Toenail Fungus Treatment

Vinegar Toenail Fungus Treatment

Vinegar Toenail Fungus Treatment

Does vinegar toenail fungus treatment really work because I know it has been a home remedy for quite awhile. While trying to find a real and truthful answer I got a few mixed reviews on the subject which I will share below and also I’ll explain what you can do to help make the process work better.

I have listed my findings as to why people are still using the vinegar toenail fungus treatment and I’ll explain why people say it works.

Vinegar Toenail Fungus Treatment Basics

The main idea behind using Vinegar is that it has the properties to kill the toenail fungus by penetrating the nail BUT the trick is to get the vinegar as close to the toenail fungus as possible. This means you’ll need to clip away as much of the nail as possible.

Why Use The Vinegar Toenail Fungus Treatment

Well some people really believe it works, but how exactly does it work is the real question here. I’ll try to keep this as basic as I can. One of the main ingredients in vinegar is acetic acid, which will destroy growing fungus by literally burning it to death. Vinegar on fungus is like Raid on a fly, the only difference is the fungus is under the nail and hard to get to.

How To Use The Vinegar to treat toenail fungus?

One the first things you can do to help make this work is to clean out the toenail as much as possible but first let’s get the toenail cut down short. You will notice the toenail has become very thick and this is because of the yellow debris that is under the nail. Toenail fungus isn’t painful because it doesn’t grown into the skin unless it has progressed into a sever case where the nail has fallen off so you can try to dig out as much of the crusty yellow debris from under the nail as you possibly can.

Cut away the toenail

Cut away the toenail

Also you can file the nail down to decrease the thickness of the nail. This will allow the vinegar to penetrate the nail more easily. Personally I clipped off the nail above the fungus only, that’s right, half way down my toenail. It doesn’t hurt so I removed the nail with my clippers until all the fungus was exposed. Then I scraped out as much of the fungus as possible.

Next you need to add the vinegar to a small bowl, do not dilute it with water as pointed out in other home remedy recipes; you want it straight out of the bottle. The bowl has to be big enough to get the effected toe or toes into in such a way the infected part is completely submerged. Some recipes suggest soaking the entire foot but this is not necessary if you have a bowl that you can get you toes into.

soak feet

soak feet

Let soak for at least 20 min everyday as minimum. Most people prefer to do this soak at night before bed and others have done the soak twice a day also.

Once you are done wash the foot with antibacterial soap and water and dry completely.

This is very important because the fungus grows in dark damp places and if you leave your toe damp the fungus your killing has the perfect environment to revive itself and start growing again. Some people use a hair drier and you do want to air dry your toes as is to prevent dampness left by a towel. Also nail fungus is contagious and could be spread with a cloth or towel.

You can always start using Zetaclear nail fungus treatment for a quicker more effective solution.

This old Vinegar toenail fungus treatment usually takes about 5 – 8 months before you start to see results. You will know it’s working because as your toenail grows out and you repeat this cycle you will notice that the fungus section of the nail becomes less and less each time you do it.

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